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League Play-Offs/Tie Breakers

Last Revised on June 07, 2018

To qualify for CYM playoffs and championship events in all CYM sports, players on a team roster must:

Playoff seeding will be determined by team records.  Depending on the sport, and as dictated by that sport's coordinator along with the CYM office, final records for seeding purposes may be determined by wins/losses/ties, or by points assigned to wins and ties.

In the event of a tie for any seed position, the following tie breakers will be applied, in order:

Related Policies:

The CYM office will determine play-off alignment for all sports. Ties for final regular season league standings or play-off seeding will not be played off. 2371

It is the responsibility of the coach of the winning team to report scores to CYM as specified by each sport's coordinator. Failure to report winning scores may result in lower seeding for playoffs. 2372