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Coaches Liability

Last Revised on January 15, 2012

Although liability issues and concerns dealing with volunteer coaches are not as demanding as those for paid coaches, it is always important to act in a reasonable and prudent manner when performing the duties associated with coaching. Volunteer coaches’ liability issues are addressed in Title 16 of the Delaware Code. The Code states, in part:

Limitation on Liability of Non-Profit Sports Programs
Uncompensated qualified staff - Any person who renders services without compensation as a member of the qualified staff of a non-profit sports program shall not be liable under the laws of the State for civil damages resulting from any negligent act or omission of such qualified member occurring in the performance of any duty of such qualified member.

Coaches should be reminded that, even though limitations on liability are addressed in the Delaware Code, total avoidance from any conduct that could be considered reckless and adherence to the Volunteer Covenant, should minimize the potential for litigation in this area

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