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On-Line Registration

Last Revised on June 06, 2018

On-Line Registration consists of Step 1 (Registration), Step 2 (Medical/Concussions) and Step 3 (Parental Consent & Release Form).  Once Online Registration has been completed by the parent/guardian of the participant, CYM will assign the parish/school affiliation for the individual as soon as reasonably possible depending on the time of year and how close to the start of a season registration is completed. Once the affiliation has been assigned, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to print a CYM On-line Registration Summary Page for the current program year.

Athletic Associations are encouraged to have their families/players register as early as possible. Registrations submitted too close to roster deadlines are not guaranteed to be completed by CYM in time to add the player to the desired roster.

Related Policies:

Online Registration must be completed by the parent/guardian of every child who wishes to participate in CYM sports. 2217

The parent/guardian must read, sign and present the Summary Page to the head coach of the team prior to the child being eligible to participate in tryouts, practices or games. 2218

Providing false Online Registration information will result in the participant being ruled ineligible for all CYM athletic programs in the current program year. 2219

Any team allowing individuals to tryout, practice or participate in games that have not completed the Online Registration and/or not been affiliated with the parish/school may result in the team being ruled ineligible for participation in all tournaments and playoffs for the remainder of the season by the Athletic Advisory Committee. 2220