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Adolescent Catechesis

Last Revised on February 15, 2014

This section gives an overview of the models available to accomplish effective catechesis as one of many opportunities offered them by the parish community.

Adolescent Catechesis includes sponsoring youth toward maturity in Catholic Christian faith as a living reality through the kind of teaching and learning that emphasizes understanding, reflection, and transformation. Adolescent Catechesis done well fosters in youth a communal identity as Catholic Christians within the inter-generational community of faith and helps them to develop their own personal faith identity.

Adolescent catechesis is at the heart of comprehensive youth ministry. While everything that happens under the umbrella of parish youth ministry should include a catechetical component, intentional catechesis to, with, and for young people is also required.

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The Diocese of Wilmington requires at least 30 hours of face-to-face instruction over the course of a school (program) year. 458