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Filing a Complaint

Last Revised on January 15, 2012

In order to file a complaint, one must do so according to the stated policies.

Related Policies:

Anyone wishing to file a complaint about a CYM coach, player or official must do so within the stated policies. 2133

Only a head coach may file a complaint about the performance of an official. 2135

Only a head coach may file a complaint on behalf of his or her team against another coach or player. 2136

Assistant Coaches may not file complaints with CYM about players, officials, or other coaches. 2137

Parents may file a written complaint or concern about the behavior of a coach, player or other spectators during a CYM competition. 2138

All concerns and complaints must be submitted in writing and must be signed. Emails may be sent to Complaints made via telephone or anonymously will not be reviewed. 2139

All written and signed complaints about a coach will be referred to the appropriate CYM staff person who will, when appropriate, notify the coach that a written complaint has been received. After consultation with CYM director, the coach and complainant will be notified of the action taken. 2140

CYM will do everything within its power to see that all conflicts are resolved amicably. Please note that its primary goal will always be to have conflicts resolved on the parish level. 2141

Complaints concerning conduct of coaches or players or eligibility of players may be filed up to the day after the final day of the particular season. A complaint should be filed immediately upon gaining knowledge of an infraction rather than waiting until the end of a season. 2142