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Laying The Groundwork

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Laying the Groundwork

Last Revised on February 19, 2012

Where to Begin

Like any major work, this document can be overwhelming – especially if your parish or high school is just beginning to tackle youth ministry seriously. Try this as a “to do” list when reviewing the document:

Familiarize yourself with the policies. All policies are bolded and boxed and appear in red ink (online) and can be found throughout this document. All policies can also be found in Appendix Three. The policies will help you establish effective youth ministry according to diocesan guidelines. If your ministry with young people is already off and running, review the policies to see where adjustments may need to be made to come into compliance with diocesan guidelines.
Review the Leading Change Program, as outlined in Section Three.

Establish a Youth Ministry Leadership Committee as outlined in Appendix Two. Complete the Parish Self Assessment found in Appendix One. This will enable your team to see how strong your ministry with young people already is – even if you think it’s weak.

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