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Last Revised on January 15, 2012

NOTE – In the event the eligibility of an individual is questioned, CYM will rely on the online roster and/or printed hard copy of the team roster provided by the coach/AAP.

Once approved, the roster will be locked and additions to the roster prohibited.

Once locked, rosters will be printed by the CYM Office and mailed to the Pastor/Principal of the parish/school.
It is the responsibility of the team coach and Athletic Association President to print a copy of the final approved roster.

Related Policies:

Only rosters completed according to the stated policies will be accepted for play by Catholic Youth Ministry. 2207

Team rosters must be completed online by the head coach (or designee). 2208

In addition to sanctions pursuant to Section 9.41.3, violations of this section will be reviewed by the Athletic Advisory Committee at the next scheduled meeting and may result in sanctions to the head coach or athletic association. 10542

Only individuals listed on the team online roster may participate in team events (games, meets, etc). 2209

Violations of Section 9.41 will result in the team being ruled ineligible for participation in all tournaments and playoffs for the remainder of the season. In the case of Cross Country, Wrestling and Track & Field, individual team members may participate in championships, however, team points will not be awarded. 2210

Only adults listed on the team online roster as coaches may coach in team events (games, meets, etc). 2211

Deadlines for completing online rosters and adding to online team rosters will be announced at the pre-season coaches meetings. 2212

Once a coach builds the online team roster, the individual players listed on that online team roster must remain with that team. (unless a player did not qualify for the team - see 9.41.8) Individual players may not switch to another team in that same parish/school once the individual player participates in a CYM contest. 2213

Online team rosters must be reviewed and approved by the parish/school Athletic Association President. 2214

If the CYM Office determines that a player is not eligible for a specific roster, the player will be moved to the appropriate roster (at the same or another parish/school), or removed from the roster until any deficiencies are corrected. 10539

Failure to have the appropriate number of cleared adults listed on the team roster as per above ratios and/or failure of the roster being approved by the AA President or 2nd AA President by the announced deadline may result in the team being immediately suspended from practicing or participating in contests. In addition, any games/contests cancelled due to a violation of this rule will result in forfeit losses to the scheduled opposing team. It is the responsibility of the head coach or AA President to contact the Director of CYM Sports in writing (email or letter) to request reinstatement once corrective steps have been taken to bring the team into compliance. Violations of the suspension may result in the team(s) being dismissed from the league. 10541

Coaches must follow up with parent/guardian on medical issues noted on the team roster. 2215