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Games and Playing Time

Last Revised on June 07, 2018


Every effort will be made to give all teams in a particular sport, regardless of division, the same number of games. The CYM Office will set the number of games with consideration to the number of teams and the availability of gyms/fields.

Playing Time

Parishes/schools are reminded that the purpose of CYM sports programs is to promote Christian attitudes while encouraging healthy physical activity.  Children sign up for sports to play and have fun.  As a result, each parish/school is responsible for monitoring teams to ensure that children participate (meaningful playing time in each contest) and have the opportunity for a positive athletic experience in a Christian atmosphere.

The Office for Catholic Youth Ministry sponsors a wide range of sports programs from September through June each program year.  CYM athletics involves collision sports (football, soccer & wrestling), contact sports (basketball, volleyball, baseball & softball) and non-contact sports (cross country and track).  Some sports programs have different levels for team placement based on the ability of team members whereas other sports have one level only.

Minimum playing time rules have been established for some sports, mostly at the JV level with some at the Varsity level.  In some cases, mandating playing time is not needed, such as in cross country where everyone runs.  In other sports it is not practical, such as wrestling where weight classes make mandatory play impossible.  Mandatory play rules have not been instituted in some sports such as football, higher level basketball & volleyball, and baseball.  Each sport's specific set of rules details playing time requirements, if any, for the JV and Varsity levels of that sport.  Athletic Associations are expected to develop and monitor their own playing time policies, which may provide for more playing time, but not less, than CYM rules.

In addition, coaches are expected to hold a parents' meeting at or close to the first practice of a given season. At that meeting, the head coach is expected to discuss (1) the CYM playing time rule, if any, that applies to the team, and (2) that head coach's policies and expectations for playing time, including what players should expect, on what basis the coach assigns playing time, and what may affect a player's playing time. (e.g. - effort, attitude, missed practices, etc.)  While each coach is permitted to set his or her own playing time rules within the strictures of CYM rules and any Athletic Association policies, coaches are asked to give primary consideration to the purpose of CYM sports noted above.

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