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Code of Conduct for Coaches

Last Revised on January 15, 2012

All suspensions are for a period of up to twelve (12) months from the time of the infraction.

A coach may appeal a suspension.

Under normal* circumstances, a coach may not be permanently dismissed from coaching CYM sports without a fair hearing conducted by the Athletic Advisory Committee. The coach will be afforded the opportunity to present testimony on his/her behalf. The decision of the AAC calling for the dismissal of a coach will require a review and concurrence of a majority of the Advisory Board.

*There may be circumstances where the facts are clear that warrant an immediate dismissal of a coach from the CYM Athletic Program (e.g., acts of violence, excessive use of profanity, continued unsportsmanlike conduct, intentional abuse of another person, etc.). The decision to immediately dismiss a coach for such behavior is made by the CYM Executive Director in consultation with the appropriate CYM staff member. Such a decision is final.

Any disciplinary action of a coach will result in notification to the coach, the parish/school Athletic Association President/Athletic Director and the pastor of the parish or principal of the school.

Related Policies:

In addition to those items mentioned in For the Sake of God’s Children, Section Five and Section Seven of this manual, CYM mandates that all head and assistant coaches adhere to the statements outlined in this section. 2112

If the actions or attitude of a coach are found to be detrimental to the athletes or the CYM program, that coach will be subject to review and discipline. Disciplinary action can range from counseling, probation, suspension or dismissal, depending upon the circumstances. 2113

Any coach who verbally or physically mistreats an official or another coach or behaves in an unsportsmanlike manner at any time during the season may be suspended from coaching all CYM sports. 2114

Appeals, including a request for a hearing, must be submitted in writing along with any supporting documentation. 2115

The appropriate CYM staff member, the Chairperson of the Athletic Advisory Committee and the Director of the Office for Catholic Youth Ministry will review all documentation. Decisions by this group are final. 2117

Upon completion of the period of suspension, a coach must request reinstatement in writing to the CYM Athletic Advisory Committee. The letter must indicate that the suspended coach has reviewed and will support the Statement of Purpose and Philosophy of CYM Athletics. The letter must be co-signed by the pastor/principal of the parish/school where he/she will be coaching. 2118