Policy: Youth Ministry and Pastoral Care


Everyone involved in youth ministry is to maintain appropriate physical and emotional boundaries in their work with young people.0


Only those who have been professionally trained are to serve as counselors.0


If a youth minister or youth ministry volunteer holds professional qualifications (Doctor, Nurse, Counselor, Social Worker) they should respond in a manner appropriate to their qualifications.0


If a young person or parent request information regarding a counseling referral youth ministers must advise that the family meet with their primary care physician and receive a referral within their insurance plan. Youth Ministry leaders, unless professionally credentialed, may not make referrals directly to counselors. 0


By law, conversations between youth ministers and young people do not have “privileged communication”. If information about what a young person says to their youth minister is requested by a parent, a court of law, or licensed professional counselor, the youth minister must share the information.0