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Senior and Intermediate Basketball

Last Revised on October 11, 2018

Senior & Intermediate Basketball Rules 2018

1. Practice Schedule/Scrimmage Games

a. It is the responsibility of all coaches to ensure that “For the Sake of God’s Children” policies for the Diocese of Wilmington are being followed at practices and games. This includes coaches wearing CYM IDs at all practices and matches.

b. Practices, scrimmages and matches are not to be held on Sundays before noon.

c. Three (3) practices and/or scrimmages are permitted per week. Scrimmages are any match other than a CYM-scheduled or tournament match.

d. Practices are to be no longer than two (2) hours in duration.

e. It is strongly recommended that teams have at least one individual certified in CPR and one individual certified in first aid present at all practices and games. The individual may be a parent, coach or parish volunteer and the certification should be current and should have been completed by an accredited institution (i.e., Red Cross, American Heart Association).

2. Game Rules - If a rule is not specifically addressed herein (or in the sections for division-specific rules), NFHS (“Federation”) rules apply.  In the event of a conflict between sets of rules, these rules control.

a. Divisions – There will be a division for Intermediate Boys, and a division for Senior Boys.

b. There are no playoffs.

c. Games are played in 2 halves, each 20 minutes long, with a 10 minute halftime.  The clock will continue to run and will stop only during time outs, except that all whistles during the last 2 minutes of each half will stop the clock.

d. Each team is permitted 3 full and 2 30-second timeouts per game.

e. Overtime is played pursuant to NFHS rules.

f. Pressing is permitted at any time in the game, regardless of score.

g. A player who receives a technical foul must be removed from the game.  Once foul shots are complete and play resumes, the player must sit for a minimum of 5 minutes of game time.

h. Ejections

i. If a player is ejected, the player will receive a minimum 2-game suspension. (more at the discretion of CYM)  The team will also be placed on probation for the remainder of the season.

ii. If a player is ejected while his team is on probation, that team’s season will be concluded and all future games forfeited.

iii. If an assistant coach is ejected, said coach will be dismissed from coaching for the remainder of the season.

iv. If a head coach is ejected, said coach will be dismissed from coaching for the remainder of the season, the team’s season will be concluded and all future games forfeited.

i. Stalling – violations will be the sole judgment of the referee(s), and the penalty will be loss of possession.

j. Coaching Box – the coaching box will begin 28 feet from the intersection of the sideline and endline, and extend 14 feet along the sideline in front of the team bench.  However, the coaching box may not end less than 6 feet from the scoring table; in the event of smaller courts, the 14-foot length of the coaching box should be moved as necessary toward the endline.

k. There is no mandatory play rule.

3. Equipment

a. Any player wearing metal dental appliances must wear a mouth guard.

b. The game ball for all Pre-Junior Varsity, all Junior Varsity, and girls’ Varsity, will be the women’s high school standard size basketball as defined in NFHS rules.

c. The game ball for boys’ Varsity and Intermediate/Senior divisions will be the men’s high school standard size basketball as defined in NFHS rules.

d. The home team scorebook will be the official book. Each team should keep a scorebook and both should communicate during the game to ensure the score is correct.

e. The visiting team will provide a clock operator.

f. Uniforms – each team must have shirts of the same solid color on front and back, with visible numbers.  It is recommended that teams use reversible jerseys, or have a light colored and a dark colored jersey available.

i. In the event of two teams with the same color uniforms, the visiting team will wear pinnies of a contrasting color.

ii. Wearing shirts with the sleeves ripped or cut off is not permitted.

g. Unlike NFHS rules, the CYM rule is that the color of a t-shirt worn under a uniform jersey need not be the same color as the uniform jersey, unless the official(s) reasonably conclude(s) that the differing color results in a genuine disadvantage to the opposing team.

h. Players may not wear jewelry during games.

Related Policies:

All coaches (head and assistant) in the CYM program must become thoroughly familiar with the sport specific rules for the sports he/she coaches. It is CYM policy that all sport specific rules be followed for any CYM practice and/or game. 8266