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Spectator Conduct

Last Revised on January 15, 2012

The purpose of CYM athletic programs is to promote Christian attitudes while encouraging healthy physical activity by the youth of the diocese.

Adhering to this purpose requires adherance to the policies included in this section.

Related Policies:

Spectators are not permitted to file complaints concerning the performance of game officials. Only the head coach may file a complaint. Coaches and/or Athletic Association Officers are to review this spectator conduct section with parents/guardians of all players. 2127

Spectators must realize that they represent the parish/school just as much as team members or coaches. Parents, guardians, other family members and friends must be models of sportsmanship for all children that participate in contests. In addition, adults are expected to demonstrate positive support for all players of both teams and treat all coaches, officials, and other spectators with respect at practices or contests. Unsportsmanlike conduct, including but not limited to, objecting to decisions of game officials, disrespectfully addressing a game official, using inappropriate language/gestures, interrupting a contest by going on the floor or field or approaching a game official or coach will not be tolerated. Incidents of poor sportsmanship/unruly conduct will result in disciplinary action taken by the Office for Catholic Youth Ministry. 2121

If a spectator is ejected from ANY parish or CYM athletic contest, whether sponsored by CYM or not, the spectator is banned from the next athletic contest played by that team. 2122

Any spectator who verbally or physically mistreats an official or behaves in an unsportsmanlike manner at any time may be banned from attending CYM athletic contests for a period of time to be determined by the CYM Office. 2123

Monitoring of the team by the parish/school athletic association will be required and the Chairperson of the Athletic Advisory Committee will be notified. 2124

Violations of a ban will result in game(s) being stopped and a forfeit awarded to the opposing team. Two (2) forfeits during a season will result in a team’s dismissal from the league. 2125

Improper conduct of spectators at any CYM athletic contest may result in sanctions to the team or the athletic association of that team. Serious or repeated spectator problems with the same parish/school program will result in a hearing before the Athletic Advisory Committee. 2126