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Practice/Tryout Starting Dates

Last Revised on June 07, 2018


See sport-specific rules for practice policies related to that sport.


1. A parish may have up to 2 total tryout dates beginning 2 weeks prior to the date practices may start for a given sport.  Each tryout session is to be no more than 2 hours in duration.

2. Tryouts are for the purpose of assignment to a division/team. In situations where a parish or school will only field one team in a given level/gender/sport (ex – one Varsity girls basketball team, or one JV boys soccer team), no tryout is permitted.

3. There will be no tryout sessions for any Junior JV (3rd and 4th grade) teams/sports.

4. “Tryout” means running drills or having scrimmages to determine the team on which an individual should be placed. It does not include learning/running plays.

5. Athletic Association Presidents are responsible for coordinating with coaches of ongoing seasons to ensure that no tryout is held the same night as a practice or game for another sport. (ex. – a player may not have soccer practice and basketball tryout on the same day/night)  An exception is Saturdays/Sundays where there is a reasonable amount of time between activities for a player to rest. 

6. In some instances, CYM online registration may not be open in time for tryouts or conditioning. In that event, provided the Athletic Association President has confirmed eligibility, the following individuals qualify to participate in tryouts for a given parish or school:

     a. Individuals who are currently in the online registration system and whose affiliation for the specific sport is the parish/school holding the tryout.

     b. Individuals who are not yet in the online registration system, the parish or school will require the parent to complete Form A, and ensure that one of the following criteria is met:

          i. The individual is a currently registered parish member;

          ii. The individual is a current student of the parish or private school;

          iii. The individual lives within the parish boundaries and has not participated in CYM sports in the past. Estimates or “best guesses” as to parish boundaries are subject to review and change by the CYM Office.

Conditioning Drills - Football & Soccer

In the case of football and soccer, coaches are permitted to hold conditioning drills for players from the 3rd Monday in June until the 1st Friday in August, as follows:

1. Participation in conditioning drills must be voluntary.

2. The parent/guardian must complete CYM Form A prior to the player participating in conditioning drills.

3. At no time are coaches or volunteer adults assisting coaches allowed to discuss, with player or parents, eligibility for participating with the parish conducting the conditioning drills. Questions from players or parents on such topics must be immediately referred to the CYM Office.

4. Drills are to be no more than 2 nights per week and no more than 1 hour and 30 minutes in duration.

5. Coaches are to monitor players for heat-related symptoms and follow the above policies regarding temperature.

6. Equipment – cones, bags or other items for agility drills, and wind-resistant equipment are permitted.  Footballs/Soccer balls may not be on the field, near the field or visible in the immediate area where conditioning drills are taking place.  For football, any use of bags for blocking or tackling is a violation of this section.

7. Coaches/teams may not run plays or demonstrate tackling/blocking drills.

8. Any advertising for drills must be submitted to the CYM Office for review prior to sending out.

9. The schedule for all drills must be submitted to the CYM Office prior to the first drill. 

10. A violation of these provisions will result in both JV and Varsity teams of the parish or school being ruled ineligible for post-season playoffs or tournaments for the upcoming season.

11. If calls or complaints are received that call into question the parish’s or school’s adherence to the letter or spirit of these rules, the CYM Office may terminate conditioning drills.

Related Policies:

Team practices are not permitted until the first day of each sports season as determined by CYM and as stated below. A maximum of two tryouts, as defined in the comments, are permitted during the two weeks prior to the first day of each sports season, provided those tryouts meet the requirements listed in the comments. No individual is to be denied permission to tryout for an upcoming season's team because he or she is still actively participating in a current sport. 2186

Fall Sports Season – 3rd Monday prior to Labor Day - November 30th 2187

Winter Sports Season - Nov. 1st - March 30th 2188

Spring Sports Season - March 1st - June 30th 2189

An individual who is participating in one sport may not attend a practice for another sport that is scheduled to begin in the next season, until either he/she ceases to be a member of the prior season's team or that team’s schedule has been completed. (Example - A player participating in soccer after November 1st may not attend a basketball practice until his/her soccer season has been completed.) 2190

Distinct from Rule 9.36, an individual playing on a team that has completed its CYM season, but is practicing for or participating in a post-season tournament, may begin practice for a sport in the following sport season. 2191