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Sunday Morning Athletics

Last Revised on January 15, 2012

The Office for Catholic Youth Ministry sponsors athletic programs during the fall, winter and spring seasons.  Many parishes and private Catholic Schools participate in CYM athletic programs.  It is important to note that parishes and private Catholic schools also sponsor various sports leagues (i.e., OLF 3rd/4th grade soccer, St. Edmond JV boys’ basketball, St. Elizabeth JV girls’ soccer, etc) and tournaments (i.e., basketball tournaments, soccer tournaments, volleyball tournaments, wrestling tournaments, etc.) sponsored by parishes, private Catholic Schools and in some cases other sports organizations.

The Office for the Bishop has made it clear that holding athletic events on Sunday mornings when liturgy takes place is inappropriate.

There are exceptions, however, as in the case of the wrestling championship where the schedule needs to begin early enough on a Sunday to allow a timely end in the late afternoon. In these rare cases, every effort is made by CYM to schedule a Mass for all participants and their families or to partner with a parish that will welcome participants and their families to celebrate liturgy with the wider parish community. On such occasions, coaches are encouraged to attend Mass with their players and their players’ families and to use this opportunity to celebrate the gifts of the community together.

Due to the fact that the Office for Catholic Youth Ministry does not have direct responsibility for non-CYM leagues or tournaments, it is the responsibility of the pastor of each parish (or principal in the case of private Catholic schools) to monitor all parish/school teams including CYM teams. 

Violations reported to the Office for Catholic Youth Ministry will result in the CYM office contacting the pastor/principal for appropriate action. Repeated violations by CYM teams may result in the dissolution of that team for the remainder of the season.

Related Policies:

Parish and private Catholic School athletic teams (CYM and non-CYM teams) are not to practice or participate in athletic contests prior to Noon on Sundays. 2198