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Last Revised on January 18, 2012

There is a difference between filing a complaint about the conduct of a player or coach and filing an official protest regarding the interpretation of rules during an athletic competition.

Related Policies:

If a coach believes that an official's application of a rule may have been misapplied or misinterpreted, it is the responsibility of the coach to immediately notify the game official. See NFHS rules concerning correctable errors. 2329

If after a contest, the head coach still feels that an official has misapplied or misinterpreted a rule during a contest, the head coach may submit in writing to the office for Catholic Youth Ministry a summary of the circumstances. The Director of CYM Sports will review and follow up with the organization of the officials that worked the game. 2330

CYM contests will not be replayed even if the game officials misapplied or misinterpreted a rule. 2338