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Last Revised on January 18, 2012

  1. Practice Schedule/Scrimmage Matches/Physician Report
    1. It is the responsibility of all coaches to ensure that “For the Sake of God’s Children” policies for Diocese of Wilmington are being followed at practices and games.
    2. Three (3) practices and/or scrimmages are permitted per week.  Practices may begin November 15th.
    3. Practices are to be no longer than two (2) hours in duration.
    4. Scrimmages noted in line "b" above are any matches other than a CYM scheduled match or a tournament match.
    5. Practices are NOT to be held on Sunday mornings.
    6. It is strongly recommended that headgear be worn at practices.
    7. It is mandatory that wrestling teams have at least one individual certified in CPR present at all practices and games.  The individual may be a parent, coach or parish volunteer and the certification should be current and should have been completed by an accredited institution (i.e., Red Cross, American Heart Association).
  2. Weight Classes/Restrictions
    1. Weigh-ins are to be completed with both teams represented by a coach listed on the team roster.
    2. All wrestlers will weigh-in no more than one (1) hour before match time but no less than thirty (30) minutes before the scheduled start time.  Individuals must weigh in wearing or having no more additional weight than a singlet worn by the wrestler.  All wrestlers must be in line for weigh-ins once established weigh in time has been set unless approved by the CYM Wrestling Coordinator.
    3. Each week, the coach will print out two (2) copies of the updated team weigh-in log provided by CYM. Each team shall present to the opposing coach the updated team weigh-in log prior to weighing in. Each coach will write in the actual weight for the wrestler in the appropriate column. For a wrestler on the roster that does not weigh-in, an “X” must be recorded in the block for that week. At the conclusion of the weigh-in, each coach will sign the form and place both copies with the scorebook. One copy of the form will be collected and sent to the CYM Office, updated and emailed back to the coach and the CYM Wrestling Coordinator prior to the next match.
    4. During the established weigh in time period (See 2b above), it is strictly prohibited for wrestlers to do any physical activity until after weigh in is complete.
    6. The following weight classes will comprise an official match: 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 126, 133, 140, 150, 170 and heavyweight (minimum 169 pounds).  NOTE - Super Heavyweight is not a required weigh class, however, if each team can fill the spot, it must be established at weigh-in if a match will occur.
    7. A wrestler may not compete at more than one (1) weight class during an event.  In addition, he may also not compete at a weight more than one (1) weight class above his recorded weight for that day. HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION - The Heavyweight Division will be limited to wrestlers whose weight differences do not exceed 31 pounds.  If the wrestlers weight differences do exceed 31 pounds, the wrestlers will NOT be permitted. If a heavyweight is listed as having weighed-in, a match shall occur if the above criteria are met.  If each team has an individual weighed-in, but does not meet criteria, a forfeit will be awarded to each team.
    8. Weight classes will increase one (1) pound at the first match in February and one (1) pound for the CYM Championships. Wrestlers must certify at the weight prior to receiving the one (1) pound increase.
    9. Any team not able to fill a weight class will forfeit that particular weight class.
  3. Match Rules - National Federation of State High School Association Exceptions/Additions
    1. The first period will be one (1) minute in duration.  The 2nd and 3rd period will be one and a half minutes in duration.
    2. “Riding” time will not be recorded.
    3. Blood time for a nosebleed or cut shall be no more than five (5) minutes cumulative for the match.
    4. Injury time shall be 1 ½ minutes cumulative for the match which can only be taken two (2) times.  In addition, on the 2nd injury time out, the opposing wrestler will be given choice of position (neutral, top, bottom).  If a 3rd injury time out is taken, a default will result.
    5. Long hair is permitted as long as the hair is in approved head covering.  No hairnets, bathing caps or stocking caps will be permitted.  If hair falls out from under the headgear, the wrestler will get the opportunity to correct it.  If hair continues to be a problem, the official may enforce the “adjustment time” rule under Federation Rules.  Hair and grooming must comply with Rule 4 of the Federation rules.
  4. CYM Championships
    1. CHAMPIONSHIP ELIGIBILITY - Each wrestler must weigh in no later than the 3rd Sunday of the CYM Wrestling Schedule to be eligible for the Championships.
    2. CERTIFIED WEIGHT - Each wrestler will have until the 3rd Sunday of the CYM season to certify his lowest weight for the season. In addition, the wrestler must weigh-in at a minimum of half of the events at that weight in which he plans to compete in the CYM Championships.  The wrestler will then be certified for that weight for seeding of the championships.
    3. A seeding meeting will be held prior to the Championships.  At the seeding meeting, the coach of the team must declare which weight class the wrestler will participate in for the championships.  The wrestler may not wrestle in a weight class any higher than one weight class above certified weight (See Section b).  THE WRESTLER MUST MAKE WEIGHT FOR THE WEIGHT CLASS IN WHICH HE IS SEEDED ON THE DAY OF THE CHAMPIONSHIPS.
    4. Criteria for seeding of wrestler for the CYM Championships will be in the following order:
      1. Overall record minus forfeits
      2. Record in weight class
      3. Head to Head Matches
      4. Common Opponent
    5. Flip of a coin (tie breaker)
  5. Equipment
    1. All wrestlers MUST wear headgear.  Individual wrestlers are to wear the team singlet during CYM matches including the CYM championships.
    2. Anyone wearing metal dental appliances such as braces must wear protective mouth guard.   The mouth protector (mouth guard) shall be of any readily visible color other than white or clear.
  6. Please note: The use of plastic material of any kind and/or diet aids or diuretics is strictly prohibited.  It is the responsibility of each coach to uphold and enforce the letter and spirit of this rule.  Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action by the Office for Catholic Youth Ministry.
  7. Tournament - Open to all CYM wrestlers that qualify under Rule 4 as stated above.
Related Policies:

All coaches (head and assistant) in the CYM program must become thoroughly familiar with the sport specific rules for the sports he/she coaches. It is CYM policy that all sport specific rules be followed for any CYM practice and/or game. 8266