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Technical Fouls

Last Revised on January 18, 2012

A technical foul is generally used for basketball.  However for purposes of this section, technical foul also includes yellow cards in soccer & volleyball, restricted to the bench in baseball and softball and unsportsmanlike penalty in wrestling and football.

The appropriate CYM staff person will review each technical foul to determine if the technical is for unsportsmanlike behavior.

Related Policies:

It is the responsibility of the head coach of the offending team to notify the CYM office of a technical foul received by the head coach, assistant coach or player, during any parish, school or CYM athletic contest, whether sponsored by CYM or not, within 24 hours of the incident. 2355

Any coach, assistant coach or player receiving more than two technical fouls for unsportsmanlike behavior in a season is suspended from coaching/playing for the remainder of the season. 2356

Failure to report technical fouls may result in disciplinary action taken by the Office for Catholic Youth Ministry. 2357