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Leadership in Youth Ministry

Last Revised on January 12, 2012

This section outlines the ways leaders create fun in ways that are healthy, appropriate, and legal. It also outlines ways youth ministry leaders can care for themselves so that their ministry can continue to grow and improve.

Comprehensive youth ministry includes effective and appropriate community life. This includes creating an environment, which nurtures meaningful relationships among youth and between youth and adults. These relationships are characterized by Gospel values (e.g. acceptance of all people. trust, respect, cooperation, honesty, taking responsibility, willingness to serve) and help young people feel like a valued part of the church community; providing opportunities for social interaction and meaningful participation in the life of the church and civic community.

Community life is essentially the fun of youth ministry. If we don’t establish an environment where young people can enjoy themselves, few will participate. It is not an accident that this section follows the one on catechesis. While catechesis to, with, and for our young people is at the heart of comprehensive youth ministry, more is required to keep young people engaged in the life of the parish.

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Every parish is to have a Youth Ministry Leadership Committee. 456