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Last Revised on January 18, 2012

Requests for postponements will be honored if they are for a special reason such as a conflicting parish or community functions that involve a substantial number of players or coaches.  Requests due to tournament play will not be honored.

Related Policies:

All games must be played according to the schedule. 2362

The coach, athletic association president or priest moderator must notify the CYM office at least three (3) days prior to the scheduled contest. Failure to comply with this procedure will result in a forfeit. Coaches may not cancel or change games unless authorized by CYM. 2363

Any team found refusing to travel to a scheduled location for league competition will suffer a forfeit, pay a fine of $50.00 and be ruled ineligible for the play-offs. 2364

Any team that does not have a full complement of eligible players present to participate 15 minutes after the scheduled time will suffer a forfeit. 2365

Two (2) forfeits because of failure to field enough players will result in the team being dismissed from the CYM league. 2366

The athletic association for that team must petition in writing to the CYM Athletic Advisory Committee for re-admittance the following program year. 2367

The CYM Office will make a decision on the postponement of CYM games due to inclement weather, driving conditions or field conditions. A decision made by the CYM to postpone a contest is not reversible by any other authority. Any coach not abiding by such a decision is subject to suspension. A coach may NOT postpone a scheduled contest unless authorized by CYM. 2368

CYM regular season and playoff games will not be rescheduled because of tournaments or outside events. Forfeits will result if teams cannot participate because of other tournaments. 2369