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Youth Ministry Leadership

Last Revised on February 19, 2012

Youth Ministry Leadership Committee

Once upon a time the youth minister relied on a few steady volunteers who were constantly present. With the advent of the Youth Ministry Leadership Committee (YMLC), many adults representing the multiple facets of parish gather at the same table to discuss ideas, plan for responding to the needs of young people, and strategize ways to best engage young people in the life of the parish. Each member of the team brings a unique perspective and a special giftedness to the table, and is an essential part of a parish’s relationship with the young people within its ranks.

The YMLC may include parents of high school and middle students, and provisions should be made to include a representative for students who are home-schooled. Other members include adult leaders in scouting, athletics, other parish ministries, and the parish and local community at large. The YMLC is itself a work in progress and its membership should be consistently reexamined to ensure that it adequately represents and addresses the needs of the young people of the parish. 

If There's a Team, Who's In Charge?

Every team needs a captain. Even though a chair is selected by its members, the parish needs one person – or a few if the parish is very large – to animate the response to young people that is articulated by the YMLC. In other words, the YMLC members give advice, they strategize and they plan. The coordinator of youth ministry empowers and coordinates ministries to happen. The team is the “keeper of the vision” while the coordinator works with other volunteers who also work directly with the young people.

Related Policies:

Every parish is to have a Youth Ministry Leadership Committee. 456