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Player Recruitment

Last Revised on June 06, 2018

CYM recognizes the necessity of publicizing the existence of parish athletic programs.

Related Policies:

Recruitment of individuals not normally inclined to participate in a program is forbidden. 2144

Coaches are not permitted to solicit participation of players, on an individual basis, who would normally not be inclined to play. Coaches are not permitted to speak to parents/ players about playing for their team. The coach must refer the parent/ player to the CYM office for placement. 2145

Means normally used to publicize parish activities should be the guide for the formation of athletic teams. For example, Church Bulletin, School News Letter, Parish/School website, posting of signs on church/school property. 2146

Any advertising beyond normal parish means for participation must list the CYM telephone number (302-658-3800) and not the number of the coach. For example, News Journal, posting of signs not on parish/school property. 2147

Violations of the Player Recruitment section of the CYM Athletic Handbook may result in sanctions to coach(es) and or athletic association. 9444